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About Us

Our Mission

Chicago Suburban Express is committed to service. We are dedicated to delivering your freight on time and in good condition. We will handle each of your calls professionally and make sure that if it can be done, we will do it. You will never talk to a computer and you will know the person you are talking with. We offer old time personal service with modern day technology, “the best of both worlds.”

Our History

Chicago Suburban Express started with five trucks in 1963. CSX has grown steadily to a fleet of sixty trucks today. We have never forgotten that customer service and that doing things others can't do have helped us carve a niche in the industry. We strive to upgrade our technology base without losing that personal touch. We look forward to being there for you in the years to come.

Executive Partners

Doug McClement, Jerry Hickey and Doug Stephan have a combined total of 96 years of experience in the transportation industry. Doug McClement’s experience as a driver proves invaluable in his role as president. Jerry Hickey brings 25 years of hands on experience to the fleet maintenance end. Doug Stephan’s 33 years in Operations helps to round out a complete circle of management.


We pride ourselves on having drivers with multiple years of experience servicing our customers. Our average driver has been here over 10 years and services the same area on a daily basis. This helps ensure familiarity with our customers and service areas. All of our drivers have class A CDL licenses with hazardous endorsements so you can be sure your freight is being handled properly.


Our dock crew has been working together for years ensuring cohesiveness in handling your freight on a daily basis. With our reliable crews, you can rest assured your freight is being handled carefully in transit to its destination.


Our management is multi-functional. Our managers are capable of helping with your daily customer service needs as well as any special needs that may arise. They also handle dispatching and sales for our customer base. We have at the least one manager in the building from 5:00am on Monday to noon on Saturday.


Both our day and night crew have been cross trained on customer rates so they are able to get you the best price for your shipping needs. Any time you call CSX you will speak with a live representative who can answer your questions and help solve your shipping problems.

Day office

Our day crew handles the majority of customer service calls from pickups to tracing to quotes and anything in between. They handle all of our daily tasks to include receivables, payables, mail, and responding to your emails. We can handle any of your shipping questions or concerns.

Night office

Our night crew handles all of the billing and scanning. They are familiar with routing procedures as well as all of the billing and special rates we offer our customers. They ensure every document is properly scanned and billed helping our freight reach our customers daily. The night office can also handle any of your customer service needs such as taking a pickup order, sending a pod, and tracking a shipment.